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I hated calling people and trying to "sell" the company to get people to go to the office location in Houston.

I started in this company as cold caller in telemarketing. Everyone who trained me and turned around and trained were fantastic.

I received not one date, no help from the service representatives, could not cancel my contract at any point, and basically was left to find everything on my own. Now it appears the service is no longer in the Atlanta area.

Received multiple phone solicitations from GE in early 2007.

DMZ Group, LLC, is a Bellevue-based licensee of Great Expectations, a dating service with independently owned and operated centers throughout the nation.

The Washington Attorney General’s Office has accused the company of making misrepresentations during its sales pitches, including significantly overstating the number of members to choose from and failing to disclose all costs.

The lawsuit claims that the 1989 Act entitles every Great Expectations customer to cancel their contracts and seek restitution.

The documents, filed today in King County Superior Court, do not include an admission or finding of wrongdoing.

Please click here to fill in our form to submit your complaint to a lawyer for a free evaluation.

This dating service promises many things and hundreds of eligible dates for approximately ,000.

When he got on the database, he says it was under 100 women in his demo. A second customer, who wanted to remain anonymous, told CBS4, “It’s a scam.” A third woman we spoke with, who also wants to remain anonymous, says she too found many “inactive” members.

The third woman paid ,000 dollars for her membership.