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remembers the conversation she had with her two sons following one of their regular visits with herex-husband.

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Briana can’t avoid the truth any longer, not after this report of Matt’s involvement in a domestic violence incident has come out. Matt was arrested, taken to the county jail and released on ,500 bail the next day.

A domestic violence no-contact order was issued and Mat was ordered to stay a minimum of 600 feet from the woman’s residence, school and workplace.

Part “Apocalypse Now”-style meditation on the madness of war and part Sergio Leone-esque western, with a dollop or two of biblical epic added for good measure, “War for the Planet of the Apes” is a headier, more ambitious concoction than one typically expects from summer-tentpole fare these days. But watching these apes and feeling their humanity — it creates just enough distance and enough spectacle that the audience is really excited about seeing that kind of thing.”Dating to 1968’s original “Planet of the Apes” — with a few goofy, misbegotten sequels, spinoffs and attempted reboots along the way — the “Apes” franchise may seem an unlikely candidate for such serious treatment all these years later.

But as Reeves sees it, the franchise’s secret sauce is its ability to sneak in meaty stories and nuanced characters under the cover of talking apes.“If it weren’t for the fact that we have photorealistic apes in the story, we wouldn’t be able to make this movie,” said Reeves who, largely on the strength of his work on the “Apes” franchise has been tapped by Warner Bros. But from the moment he came on board, following Rupert Wyatt’s successful 2011 reboot “Rise of the Planet of the Apes,” Reeves saw the thematically rich, even Shakespearean potential in the franchise.“On ‘Dawn,’ Matt just went with the drama, and that’s been his maxim all the way through,” said Serkis, whose performance-capture work as Caesar has drawn widespread acclaim.

A white blouse with cut-out detailing highlighted her delicate decolletage and lithe arms, tucked into a pair of tailored, cropped trousers.

Nude patent heels elongated her frame, while a black jacket and shoulder bag accessorised nicely.

I don’t hold it against them; in fact, when I run across girls who tout their “intelligence,” I feel nauseous, like I’m dealing with a pack of overeager Mormon missionaries.Indeed, the idea that intelligent girls even in significant numbers is ridiculous.Puffed up by you-go-grrl propaganda from the media, their heads filled with lies from the universities, every girl who can spell her own name suddenly thinks she’s Einstein.A girl’s most important aspects will always be her beauty, her charm and her willingness to please, with intelligence so far down the list that it might as well not be the list.Yet thanks to white knights artificially pumping up the egos of every girl in America, men are made to feel like freaks for considering a girl’s bust size to be more important than her ability to regurgitate Marxist tripe.Worst of all, girls think that being able to spell their own names entitles them to a good man, even when they’re bossy, defiant and lacking in feminine graces. The reality is that truly intelligent females are rare, and most girls who consider themselves “smart” are not.