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A fifth of Muslims in France marry out of the religion, and while it is possible that some of them require the conversion of their spouses as a condition of marriage, it is also likely that many of them are expressing an indifference to their religion by their choice of marriage partner.

Perils of dating much younger women

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After all, you’re meeting new people, hearing new stories, thinking about the possibility of new relationships, maybe even allowing yourself to drift off and think about sex.And you’re doing all this equipped with years of knowledge.

We began a sexual relationship filled with passion, adventure and fun. I have tried to extract myself from this situation.Like everyone on the planet over the age of 50, with the possible exception of the Unabomber, I’ve had more than a few romantic relationships.I was married for 11 years, engaged for one, partnered with a lovely woman for five, and had a few shorter dalliances along the way.They say they saw it coming, those celebrity tittle-tattles who follow every whisper of Hollywood gossip.The glorious Technicolor love boat of Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas has, allegedly, been navigating the rocks for some time. Theirs was a marriage that was doomed from the start.Please help by giving me a man’s perspective, as I have heard all I can stand from the women in my life. I salute you for not turning away from the burn and sting of forbidden fruit.