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I have to replace value in 5th columnn with the value of the variable ($v).

I have a variable ($v) which hold a value that is obtained by a caliculaion.

When adding a PMID to a private Series record, please also remember to release the Series and any associated records to the public (see Change the release date of your private records above).

Alternatively, please feel free to send us the citation details and we would be happy to update your record(s) on your behalf.

We'll go through the steps here in case you weren't the one to set up those files or if you'd just like a checklist to follow.

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To ensure compliance with internal agency rules and regulations, federal employees are referred back to his/her ITMC representative for direct assistance.The syntax of zone data files lends itself to making mistakes.It doesn't help that the address and pointer records are in different files, which must agree with each other.The value $v is caliculated from col4 and col6 values. But I have to find ABC record and replace 5th column of the record with value in $v. Record1: A|B|C|1|2|3 Record2: D|E|F|4|5|6 I know to do this is a database: update table table_name set col_5=x where col_1=A and col_2=B and col_3=C. However, even when you use a tool, it is critical to know what goes on when the files are updated, so we'll start with the manual method.