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Varve dating method

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Initially, "varve" referred the separate components of annual layers in glacial lake sediments, but at the 1910 Geological Congress, the Swedish geologist Gerard De Geer (1858ā€“1943) proposed a new formal definition, where varve means the whole of any annual sedimentary layer.More recently introduced terms such as 'annually laminated' are synonymous with varve.However in some lakes, sediments are deposited in visible annual layers called varves.

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This involves counting and measuring thicknesses in annual paired layers of lake sediments deposited in lakes that undergo an annual freeze-up.In this article we shall discuss varves in the wider sense, since they are equally good for absolute dating whatever the origin of the sediment.Given such a situation, there is no difficulty in principle in finding the age of any varve; we just start from the one that was deposited this year and count backwards.This sets up the succession of biotic life and the physical and chemical structure of the lake necessary to form the contrasting layers. Clay-varve counting seemed to provide the first answer to this need for a nonhuman absolute chronology.(In practice there may be technical difficulties, but the principle is straightforward enough.) Of course, this only works if there is still a source of sediment, so that we can identify this year's varve and know which year we're counting from.